Press Releases:

Pass the Bechdel Test at Sydney Film Festival, 29 May 2014

Pass the Bechdel Test Campaign Launched With Aims to Improve the Representation of Women on Film, 4 March 2014

Pass the Bechdel Test in the Media:

Sarah interviewed for The 16 Percenters blog, 6 August 2015

Article by Pass the Bechdel Test founder Sarah Steel for Metro UK about the gender pay gap and Hollywood, 24 June 2015

Sarah appears on SBS 2's The Feed for a Women in Hollywood segment by Jeannette Francis, 24 February 2015:

Which male film characters would you like to see recast as women? Sarah in The Guardian, 4 April 2014

Pass the Bechdel Test: A Grassroots Campaign Aimed at the Film Industry – Sarah's guest post on Indiewire's Women and Hollywood blog, 14 March 2014

Sarah on Overnights with Rod Quinn, ABC 702, 7 February 2014:

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